Date: November 2 & 3, 2013
Place: Voitsberg, Austria

The Voitsberg boys joined the KOA in 2007, when they attended the world cup in Rome. The seed of Kick Off was still dormant in them yet, but susceptible to water and gentle cultivation. Two years later, they offered to host the competition in their town. It was a glorious event, perfect in every way and held in the city hall, no less. So naturally, when Michael Fuchs declared that they wanted to do it again, everyone was very excited with the prospect. This time he did not have that much help from his friends, and not as many guests either, but that didn't make the competition any less enjoyable for those who made the trip. Kick Off 2 invites us not only to share its brilliance, but also to live in the moment, where we are neither proceeding from nor moving toward, where the enchantment of the past and future cannot distract us, where a freedom from practical desire and a cessation of our usual ceaseless action allows us to recognize the truth of our existence, the reality of our world and purpose.

Many people expected a very predictable tournament, one that would end with Gianni Torchio easily prevailing. As it turned out, we witnessed the most surprising event in the history of world cups, mainly -but not exclusively- because of Andy Gregoris managing to disqualify the #1 ranked player in the world in the quarter finals, and newcomer Christopher Durrans being exceptionally strong. In the end, it was Alkis Polyrakis who reclaimed his title 12 whole years after that first competition in Dartford, after he beat Andy in one of the closest finals ever. Steve Camber won the bronze medal, and Gianni had to settle for 5th place, as well as the awards for top scorer, best defense and Lifetime Achievement.

It is important to be noted that the maker of this awesome game, Dino Dini, honored us with his presence once again... and took the Shirt of Shame back home with him!


Unlike previous years, this time the players were not divided into groups. Everyone played everyone once, with the final positions determining the groups of the second day. The last four players competed for the first time in an official 2-against-2 preliminary match. Peter and Dino lost to Michael and Michele 4-2, so they played each other in the Shootout of Shame, where the German won 8-5.


The players were put into four groups, depending on their Round 1 performance. The top two positions of each group qualified to the quarter finals, while the ones who finished third played in the Silver Cup semi finals and the rest competed in classification matches.





Goals in the finals (Click to enlarge):



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