Date: November 7 & 8, 2015
Place: Dublin, Ireland

After two competitions with relatively low numbers, the need for a fresh location with plenty of old and new Kick Off players around was imperative. It was KOA veteran Danny Dinneen who, as a modern day Dagda, struck the chords of his joystick and summoned the warriors to Dublin. Assisted by his trusted leprechaun Pedro Quaresma, who hid the elusive pot of Ranking points at the end of the rainbow, he managed to get together 38 players. Even with all Greeks absent for the first time, 12 countries were represented, a record for KOA World Cups, and no less than 15 newcomers showed up, more than we had seen in the past five competitions combined.

After two amazing matches that totaled 28 goals, which tied the record for most goals scored in finals, Andy Gregoris gave England its second title in the history of the game while becoming the first player to ever score double figures in a final. This time the reigning champion Gianni Torchio had to settle for the silver. Oliver Stender offered the first medal to Germany with his third place, while Fabio Fichera secured the top scorer and best defense trophy. The Silver and Bronze Cups went to world cup newcomers Lee Whiting and Pedro Quaresma, while Daryl Hutchinson wore the Shirt of Shame. The Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Jorn Flagtvedt. 

Note: 38 players were divided into two groups of 10 and two groups of 9. The top four players from each group qualified to the World Cup Groups, the next four to the Silver Cup groups while the rest competed in the Bronze Cup Group.




The top four positions of each World Cup group qualified to the quarter finals, the top four positions of each Silver Cup group qualified to the Silver Cup quarter finals and there was also a Bronze Cup final.




Goals in the finals (Click to enlarge):





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