Date: November 12 & 13, 2016
Place: Milan, Italy

In 2016, the KOA returned to one of its favorite locations and Milan became the first city to host a Kick Off 2 World Cup for the third time. With most of the top guns present, including the return of Spyros Paraschis seven years after the first Voitsberg tournament, this had the promise of a brutally hard competition and that's exactly what it was. Surely the title would end up in the hands of one of the usual suspects?

Thor Egil Skaug had a different opinion. After a true KOA epic matchup against Andy Gregoris in the Quarter Finals, which was decided on penalty kicks, he took on Dagh Nielsen and beat him by a single goal in the Semi Finals, before keeping Gianni down to 10 goals in the final and giving Norway its first ever title. Having defeated three world champions (as well as two more in the Group stages, Spyros and Alkis), he is now considered one of the elite. Gianni Torchio had a great world cup and won the Top Scorer Trophy, but what cost him was a poor first half of the second final, when he trailed 7-3, which caused his only defeat in the tournament. Just like two years ago in Denmark, Dagh Nielsen was out of the final in details but this time he won his first bronze medal, defeating Oliver Stender. Vasilis Kafiris was awarded the Silver Cup without a match, as his opponent Frank had to leave early, while Lorenzo Lozito won the Best Defense trophy.        

Note: 41 players were divided into three groups of 10 and one group of 11. The top four players from each group qualified to the World Cup Groups, the next four to the Silver Cup groups while the rest competed in the Bronze Cup Group.




The top four positions of each World Cup group qualified to the quarter finals, the top four positions of each Silver Cup group qualified to the Silver Cup quarter finals and there was also a Bronze Cup final.




Goals in the finals (Click to enlarge):





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