Date: October 28 & 29, 2017
Place: Landskrona, Sweden

It was Sweden's time to host the 2017 World Cup, and the task fell mostly into the capable hands of KOA veteran Jacob Kofoed. The finalist were Dagh Nielsen and Gianni Torchio, one of the strongest -if not the strongest- and most iconic Kick Off 2 duos. Unfortunately, the epic final matchup that was decided in favor of the Dane by a single goal, was shadowed by a bug that made the crossbar disappear. Because of that, we saw two headers by Gianni that could possibly have counted as goals, being made into goal kicks. The bug was recognized after the tournament and only after carefully examining the videos.

History does not change, and it will be written that Dagh won a well deserved third title, a feat only Gianni himself (who has four) and Gianluca Troiano have accomplished. Christopher won his first medal by defeating Andy in the 3rd place final. Dagh also secure the Top Scorer Trophy, while the Best Defense Trophy went to Fabio. Rodolfo Martin won the Silver Cup. 

Note: 32 players were divided into four groups of 8. The top four players from each group qualified to the World Cup Groups, and the next four to the Silver Cup groups.




The top four positions of each World Cup group qualified to the quarter finals, while the top four positions of each Silver Cup group qualified to the Silver Cup quarter finals.




Goals in the finals (Click to enlarge):





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