Date: November 10 & 11, 2018
Place: Bournemouth, England

Four years ago, in Copenhagen, the Kick Off 2 World Cup final was played between two players from the same city for the first time in KOA history. In Bournemouth, history repated itself, with one glaring difference: The winner. A little known World Cup fact is that nobody in the previous 17 tournaments had ever managed to win the title after losing the 1st leg of the final by three goals or more. After losing 4-7, Fabio Fichera was more determined than ever to engrave his name on the Holly Shield, and he managed to beat his nemesis Gianni Torchio by five in the rematch. This surprise result was the perfect crowning of the most unpredictable period of the World Cup era, as Fabio became the sixth different champion in the last six years.

Thor Egil Skaug kept the bronze medal in Norway after beating Andy Gregoris in an epic 3rd place final by 9-8. He was also the top scorer of the competition, with a 9.10 goal average, while Gianni was the best defender after conceding 2.85 goals per game. Lorenzo Lozito won the Silver Cup, while Nikos Andreou returned after an eight year absence and collected a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Note: 37 players were divided into two groups of 10, one group of 9 and one group of 8. The top four players from each group qualified to the World Cup Groups. The other two stages were somewhat uneven, due to the unequal Round 1 groups as well as two players from Group C departing. The Silver Cup had four players from each of Groups A & B, and two players from C & D. The players who occupied the last two placed of each group proceeded to the Bronze Cup.







Goals in the finals (Click to enlarge):





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