Date: November 1 & 3, 2019
Place: Bremen, Germany

The six years that passed between the World Cup in Voitsberg and the one twelve months ago in Bournemouth marked a very interesting period of unpredictability in the competition, with a different champion every year. This period came to an end in Bremen, as Thor Egil Skaug doubled his gold medals three years after his triumph in Milan. In fact, for the first time ever the KOA witnessed the exact same semi-finalists for two years in a row (or ever!). It's no wonder that these four guys, along with Dagh who missed the last two gatherings, currently occupy the Rankings' Top 5 miles away from the 6th player. Gianni Torchio's magnificent five year streak of consecutive finals also came to end, he had to settle for the bronze medal as this time it was Andy Gregory's turn to win the silver.

The 2018 World Champion Fabio Fichera won the Top Scorer trophy for the second time in his career, while Christian Dietz brought home the his first Best Defense trophy. The Silver Cup went to Norway for the first time, as Jorn Flagtvedt's fourth final was the charm. Andy was also awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Note: 31 players were divided into three groups of 8 and one group of 7. The top four players from each group qualified to the World Cup Groups, while the rest would compete in the Silver Cup..








Goals in the finals (Click to enlarge):





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