Date: November 13 & 14, 2004
Place: Milan, Italy

Milan hosted the world cup this year, and a difficult task it was, as the number of players was higher than ever: 43 participants from 9 countries! Unfortunately, many top KOA players were not among them, but that did not mean the title was an easy task. People like Gianluca, Nikos, Robert, Gianni, Luigi, Spyros all had hopes for the trophy.

In the end, it was the returning champion Gianluca Troiano who kept his trophy without losing a single game! He defeated his compatriot Luigi in the final and became the first player with two gold medals and the first one who won it at home. Nikos Andreou was the bronze medal winner. The best defender and top scorer awards went to Gianluca and Spyros Paraschis respectively. Luca won the Playouts trophy, which this year was called the KOA Cup.

Gianluca Troiano was the 2004 Kick Off 2 World Champion.

Goals in the finals (Click to enlarge):


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