Date: November 14 & 15, 2009
Place: Voitsberg, Austria

After two years of cruising along the Mediterranean, the KOAers put their skis on for a journey to the Alps. 34 players participated in the tournament in Voitsberg, Austria.

Although Michael Fuchs and his team had only attended one world cup in the past (in Rome), they had no problems to give us what was arguably the best organized competition ever. The friendly people of the small Austrian town, the short walking distances between places, the luxurious tournament room, the affordable & plentiful meals will be hard to top by future organizers.

Gianni Torchio was the favorite before the tournament began and he did not disappoint his fans, as he became the first player ever to win the title with nothing but victories: 26 wins in 26 matches, and although Spyros gave him a couple of good fights in the final this time he had to settle for the silver medal. Fresh apperance on the WC podium as Fabio Fichera won Italy's 13th medal to finish third. Gianni won the top scorer trophy while Alkis Polyrakis won the best defense trophy, with both players winning these awards for the third time. No changes in the Silver Cup and Shirt of Shame winners, as Rodolfo Martin and Andreas Klammer tripled their successes. Mark Williams conquered the Bronze Cup group, while the Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Robert Swift.


Note: The 34 players were divided into two groups of 9 and two groups of 8. The top four players from each group qualified to the World Cup Groups, those who finished in places 5-6 competed for places 17-24 in the Silver Cup Groups, while those who finished in places 7-9 faced each other in a league for places 25-34 in the Bronze Cup Group.











Goals in the finals (Click to enlarge):



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