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First people to arrive
Steve is showing us around Anco
Friday night at TGIFs
Who do you think is more hungry?
The Dutch arrived on Saturday morning
They were followed by the Italians
The Dutch are trying to bribe Steve
Bribery didn't work, so they threaten him with a gun
These babies are waiting for the winners!
Steve in a PAOK shirt
This is where it will all happen
Alkis and Gunther
Let the games begin!
Danny & Jan
Filippo & Niels
Vasilis & Nazim
Jacob & Cecilia
The game of shame is over! We have a loser!
Doesn't he look proud?
16 players made it to the second round
Setting the projector before the finals.
The final!
Alkis gets his Championship trophy
And Gianluca gets his Top Scorer trophy

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