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The official WC2 Logo
Before the matches, the players went sight-seeing at the Acropolis
The evenings were dedicated to food and drinks
Welcome, warrior. Choose your weapon
The trophies were waiting...
Vasilis, if you don't do well in this world cup I will struggle you!
Alkis & Steve
Alkis & Bill
Mark & Jacob
Some people are so good, they can play with their eyes closed!
Filippo & Leonardo
George & Vasilis
Nick, Alkis & Bill
Nick & James
Nick & Steve
Rikki & George
"And then a right uppercut, and BANG! Panayotis was down"
"You stink, Bill"
"I'll make a lob THIS big!"
Vasilis & Rodolfo
"Robert, you suck"
Darren in his shirt of shame
All the people who made it to the second round
And those who didn't
The Quarter-Finalists
Nick receives his trophy
The Semi-Finalists
People watched the semis and the final on the big screen
The finalists
The medals
Rikki in his gold medal
The world champion receives his trophy
The best defender receives his trophy

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