Thor Egil Skaug (Norway)


A phenomenal performance for Thor, his best ever in fact as he didn't lose a single match until injury time in the very last game. And a sweet defeat it was, as it didn't cost him his second title in the last four competitions, merely five years after he joined the KOA. His 7.09 goal average during these years is the third best in the history of World Cups, and he was 2nd scorer in Bremen with 8.15 goals per game. He also had the third best defense.

Andy Gregoris (England)


After winning the title in 2015, Andy did not manage to get another medal in the three competitions that followed. That made him all the more determined to get back on the proverbial horse, and his comeback against Fabio after losing the first semi-final leg 7-5 was a beauty to watch. He was the fourth scorer and had the third best goal difference average of the tournament.

Gianni Torchio (Italy)


We guess Gianni got tired of all the silver, and was very eager to wear another color on his chest. Although it was not the one he wished for, a bronze medal in a Kick Off 2 World Cup is still a very important achievement for anyone. Even the man who leads the World Cup statistics in pretty much every category that matters: Most titles, most medals, most points earned, most wins, most goals, most top scorer trophies and most best defense trophies.

Fabio Fichera (Italy)


With 14 wins in the 14 matches of the two group stages, against the likes of Gianni and Andy no less, Fabio's chances to retain his title looked very good. Andy was of a different opinion though, and after facing a revenge-thirsty Gianni in the third place final, he had to settle for the fourth place and the second top scorer trophy of his career.

Christopher Durrans (Norway)


Christopher has reached the quarter finals six times in the seven World Cups that he attended, and although he hasn't made it to a final yet, you just feel that his moment is not far away. He gave last year's champion quite a scare after beating him 4-2 in the first quarter final, but Fabio bounced back to win the rematch by three.

Oliver Stender (Germany)


Oliver has established himself at the KOA's elite group. This is his 5th consecutive presence in the world's top 8, and one could safely say that he, just like Christopher, is the player whose level is closest to that of this year's semi-finalists and Dagh Nielsen. He had the sixth best attack of the competition.

Lee Whiting (England)


Lee continues to show significant improvement in all aspects of the game every year that goes by, and one can't help but wonder how far he can go before he starts stabilizing. He went from a 4.25 to a 6.75 goal average in just 12 months.

Marco de Iaco (Italy) 


Marco is here to stay, after his comeback in 2017, and he finally managed to reach the quarter finals again mostly thanks to his victory against Christopher in the second round. His chances were not good in that stage against Gianni, a player he has only managed to beat twice in 46 games.

Steve Camber (England)


Steve was very close to making it to another quarter final, he did pretty much everything that was logically needed to achieve his goal, but the Italian's aforementioned victory versus Christopher tipped the scale in his favor. He remains the only player who has attended all 19 World Cups. 

Jacob Kofoed (Sweden)


A good performance by Jacob, a player who has been in the KOA since the very first tournament and has attended 13 World Cups since. He reached three digits in World Cup wins in Bremen (107).

Alessandro Verrani (Italy)


Come on, Alessandro, really, in how many different ways can we write every year that you always end up in places 9-16? Have you ever thought of a career in the Silver Cup? At least that will give us some new material.

Frank Fuhrmann (Germany)


Another player who frequents the 9-16 places, as Frank has ended up here 7 times in the 9 World Cups he attended. The last time it was held in Germany, he had managed to make it to the quarter finals, but this year it was a much harder competition.

Ian Kay (England)


Significant improvement for Ian, who had finished 24th the year before and never higher than 19th in the past. If he manages to find some more attacking schemes, he will do even better, as his average remains under three goals per game.

Frederic Baum (Germany)


Frederic has last played in a Kick Off 2 World Cup in the distant 2011, when he had finished 26th. He was much more efficient in the 1st Round this year, and he qualified comfortably to the Top 16.

Lorenzo Lozito (Italy)


Just like he had done in 2017, Lorenzo escaped the Silver Cup and tried his skill against the big boys in the Top 16 instead. Although his defense is always hard to crack, he could not hope for better results with a 2.45 goal average.

Michael Gebler (Germany)


Michael's hard work was rewarded and he managed to make it to the Top 16 for the first time in his fifth World Cup appearance. His 3-2 victory against Paolo was what got him there.

Jorn Flagtvedt (Norway)


After three lost finals in 2005, 2011 and 2018, and although he finished 4th in his Round 2 group, Jorn had the experience and maturity to comfortably beat Jorg 5-1 and bring the trophy to Norway for the first time ever. He had the second best defense of the competition.

Jorg Panhorst (Germany)


This time Jorg decided to stick around for the second day of the gathering, and he caused some serious damage with his unconventional style of play. He was undefeated in the group stage and knockouts of the round, but could not get past Jorn's defense in the crucial match.

Christian Dietz (Germany)


It is always encouraging for the future of the association when we see players return after an extremely long absence. Christian's first and only appearance in a Kick Off 2 World Cup dates back to 2003 in Groningen. More importantly, he looks eager to continue attending.

Knut Loite (Norway)


Knut is another player we feared we'd never see again, as he had been absent since 2010. The man who has developed lobbing into a form of art had some good moments in Bremen, but also the lowest goal average of the top 25 players.

Paolo Sotgui (Italy)


A draw against Michael Gebler was all Paolo needed to make it to the Top 16 for the first time; instead, he lost 3-2 to the German. He was second in his Silver Cup group, but then was not accustomed to Knut's long distance shooting.

Peter Sommer (Germany)


A decent performance for Peter's standards, with some good results such as the draws against Lorenzo and Jorn. He has attended 15 Kick Off 2 World Cups and leads the competition in total number of defeats.

Peter Klimaschefski (Germany)


Peter looked good in the group stage of the Silver Cup, with five wins in seven matches. He was then knocked out by two compatriots of his, namely Christian and his namesake Peter Sommer. He had the fourth best defensive average in Bremen.

Michele Lorenzetti (Italy)


Michele managed to put and end to his continuing decline in World Cup placings. He did that mainly because he managed to improve his defense, as he only conceded 3.30 goals per game as opposed to 4.60 in Bournemouth.

Cornelius Henze (Germany)


Cornelius is the Alessandro Verani of the Silver Cup; a player you always expect to find somewhere in the lower bottom half of the round. With 83 KOA tournaments under his sleeve, he cannot seem to channel all this experience towards a better performance.

Thomas Niekamp (Germany)


Another frequent attender, who has often found himself in the bottom places of a World Cup, Thomas did good to put some players below him.

Wolf Heyer (Germany)


Wolf is right behind his buddy Peter Sommer in the 'most defeats in a World Cup' category. He had four wins in Bremen, but the result he will most probably remember is the 5-5 against Michele.

Hannes Badrnya (Austria)


Hannes had a tough weekend twelve months ago in Bournemouth, with 16 defeats in 16 games, so the only way for him was up. He improved his defense and had three wins and a draw this year.

Manfred Schlei (Germany)


Manfred was a newcomer in KOA tournaments, and when Kick Off 2 players smell blood, they show no mercy. His 5-2 win against Wolf was his best result.

Jan Kiefer (Germany)


Although a player with considerable experience, as he has competed in 48 KOA tournaments, Jan was the lowest ranked player in the competition. Although he's scored up to 7 goals on occasion, his career average is below one goal per game.

Michael Badrnya (Austria)


Michael's only positive result in the tournament was a 1-1 against Jan Kiefer. We do hope he will return and try to show better skills.