Spyros Paraschis (Greece)


Spyros was always considered as one of the best players in the world, although he had never managed to win a medal in a world cup. Thanks to his non-predictable attacking schemes and an outstanding performance in the breathtaking semi-final, he brought the trophy back to Greece 5 years after the first tournament and put an end to the Italian dominance. He was the 2nd scorer and the 6th defender of the competition.

Mario Fichera (Italy)


Is there a limit to how long Mario can keep improving his skills? 29th in his first world cup in his hometown, 9th a year later in Germany, this year he managed to reach the final after easily defeating the 2003 finalist Martin Jeffrey and his mate Marco. He was the 3rd scorer of the world cup.

Gianni Torchio (Italy)


The almost indisputable favourite of the tournament before it started, Gianni destroyed every defense he came across and finished with an unprecedented 8.5 goals per game average! A year earlier he had won his ticket to the final on overtime, this time luck was not on his side as he was outscored by the Greek champion.

Marco de Iaco (Italy)


Another member of the Milan school of Kick Off, Marco managed to become the first man who ever eliminated Alkis in a quarter final. He fought bravely for a medal and lost both remaining matchups on details. One of the most improved, if not the most improved player in the world.

Alkis Polyrakis (Greece)


Every year Alkis casts about his elaborate plans to win the world cup again, and every year he bears a suspicious resemblance to Sylvester the Cat witlessly plotting to capture and eat the infinitely clever Tweetie Bird. At least this time he can be proud of the fact that he did not lose a single game, as he was eliminated on penalty kicks. He had the 2nd defense and 4th offense of the tournament.

Klaus Loite (Norway)


Klaus is always among the favorites for the title, but in the end he never manages to get past places 3-6. He was the 5th scorer of the world cup, but he was stuck at 2 goals in the first quarter final against Spyros and could not beat the three goal disadvantage in the rematch.

Michael Ortinau (Germany)


The best German player was no longer a rookie in this competition, something Gianni realized very well in the first round as Michael beat him 7-5. However, he could not repeat his performance in the quarter finals.

Martin Jeffrey (England)


Martin returned to a Kick Off 2 world cup three years after the final in Holland; the Milan boys had not joined the KOA yet, so he did not know what was coming. He drew against Mario in the group stage, but could not defend against him in the quarter finals. He was the 7th scorer of the world cup.

Martin Beard (England)


An excellent performance by Mr. Beard, who left Nikos and Stefan behind him in Round 1. The last player who ever beat Gianluca could have gone a lot further in this tournament with a little bit more luck, as he lost his Round 2 matchup on overtime to Marco.

Ben Greenway (England)


The rookie of the year award goes to Ben, who showed some rare skills in his first world cup appeareance. He had the 6th offense of the tournament.

Dan Cross (England)


The English champion had made quite an impression to the KOA by winning all four of his first tournaments. The world cup is another story, but still Dan performed very well. Definitely one of the people we should keep an eye on in the future.

Jon Greenway (England)


Ben's brother keeps improving his game and that's obvious. Perhaps his finest moment was being the only player who faced the world champion and did not lose (6-6).

Steve Camber (England)


Steve's long distance shooting abilities make him a dangerous man, and he could have done better had his defensive skills not abandoned him in crucial moments. The Round 2 matches against Michael were a beauty to watch; unfortunately for him, he blacked out and conceded five goals in the final two minutes.

Nikos Andreou (Greece)


Who was that guy who was walking around with the headphones in Rickmansworth? Although he looked like Nikos, he certainly did not play like him. He was the 8th scorer of the competition but his defense was not as impenetrable as in previous WCs.

John Hogstrom (Sweden)


Quality performance by John, who proved that he is a solid player with a killer BLC move. He gave a good fight to most of his opponents, and his battle against James Beard for Round 2 qualification was classic.

Simon Butt (England)


Simon managed to qualify to the second round after beating his eternal rival Robert. He then came very close to making it to the quarter finals, but he cracked on overtime against the finalist Mario. His confidence shattered, he lost all his remaining matches.

James Beard (England)


James was expected to make it to the second round, but his defeat to Nick cost him. He gave a brilliant performance on Sunday with 7 victories in 8 matches, and brought the best defense trophy home.

Robert Swift (England)


The infamous "organizer's syndrome" obviously affected Robert, who hadn't had such a low goal average since the 2002 world cup. He did however have the 4th best defense of the tournament.

Thomas Kramer (Germany)


Thomas participated in what was perhaps the highlight of the tournament, 8-9 to Steve Camber. He ended the tournament perfectly balanced: he won 9 matches, lost 9 matches, drew once, scored 68, conceded 68!

Ben Chenery (England)


Ben was unlucky to be drawn in a group of overperformers in the first round, and couldn't do better than 11 points. He usually managed to prevent his opponents from scoring many goals, and if he improves his attack he will become a far more dangerous player.

Jacob Kofoed (Sweden)


A respectable performance for one of KOA's favourite baby faces. The biggest defeat Jacob suffered in this tournament was by three goals of difference, which proves that he never went down without a fight.

Sascha Weigelmann (Germany)


Having become a valuable assett of the association, Sascha brought a number of Amigas with him and always kept an eye on his precious software which kept the tournament going. This time he managed some excellent matches as well, such as a victory against Ben Greenway.

Knut Loite (Norway)


In his best world cup performance ever, Knut managed to finish above his brother Glenn, so he will no longer be known as the weakest of the Loite brothers.

Nick Pedersen (Denmark)


Nick had made a very promising performance in Cologne the year before, but he failed to show some improvement in Rickmansworth.

Wayne Lam (Hong Kong)


The first Asian player ever to compete in a Kick Off 2 world cup, Wayne gained the respect and support of many people. The moment he discovers alternative ways of scoring other than long distance shots, he will cause some serious damage.

Maurizio Leparulo (Italy)


Maurizio is the weakest link of the Milan clan, but by no means a weak player. He blacked out during a crucial match to Glenn, that 3-0 defeat stopped him from qualifying to the second round. 3rd defense of the tournament!

Glenn Loite (Norway)


Glenn was fighting against odds in a very hard first round group. His defense was not as reliable as in previous world cups.

Oliver Stender (Germany)


A well deserved 8-4 against Rodolfo and a memorable matchup versus Wayne are what we will remember the most of Oliver, except of course than his sweet girlfriend who was kind enough to assist in the KOA's secretariat.

Stefan Vogl (Germany)


Another German who was expected to do better, Stefan had an excellent first round until his shocking defeat to Marco Stoller that made him drop from 2nd to 5th place of his group. That disqualification seemed to shatter his confidence and he didn't perform well on Sunday.

Rodolfo Martin (Spain)


This is not the first time that the Spanish player was disqualified on details during the first day of the world cup. His 4-4-2 always gives him plenty of scoring chances, and he had the second best offense out of the players in the 17-32 group.

Alex Brante (Germany)


Not a good world cup for Alex, whose attacking performance resembled to the one he had during his first days in the KOA.

Marco Stoller (Italy)


Marco had given the impression of a much better player in the previous world cup, be didn't do as well this year. His best result was a 5-4 victory against Stefan.

Haydn Hamm (Wales)


Wales' pride could have made it to the 17-32 group with a little bit more luck. He's obviously better every year and he managed the 7th best defense average of the competition.

Mark Bishop (England)


The Shirt of Shame winner of 2004 somehow managed to perform his best against the strongest players. With 4 defeats by one goal and two draws, it looked like he belonged in the 17-32 group much more than some who qualified but fate just didn't want him there.

Jorg Panhorst (Germany)


Jorg ended up in the 33-50 group although he finished with the same points as Ben in Round 1 due to his negative goal difference. His draw against Claus was the result that cost him. He did well against some less experienced opponents than him on Sunday.

James Butt (England)


Simon's younger brother hadn't played the game for years. Keeping that in mind, he had some good results, such as the 5-1 against Michael Mucke.

Claus Hansen (Denmark)


In his first international appeareance, Claus did fairly well. With a 3gpg average, he scored more than plenty of people who finished above him.

Michael Mucke (Germany)


Michael will need to improve his offensive skills if he wants to do better in world cups, as he seems to struggle scoring against players who are not better than him.

Mark Elliott (England)


Mark hadn't competed in a world cup for three years, and he was out of practice. His victory against Nikos shocked everyone, including himself!

Garry Currier (England)


Another player who made his first international appereance, Garry studied his opponents carefully and he seems to have the will to learn how to play the game at a high level.

Jesper Kallmayer (Denmark)


6 victories was probably more than Jesper had expected to achieve before entering the world cup, he needs to work on his defense.

Peter Sommer (Germany)


After finishing with no points in the first day, Peter defended well in the matchup against Darren which was what gave him his final position.

Haakon Evjen (Norway)


Those were the first games ever against human beings for Haakon, who joined the KOA only a few days before the world cup. Nevertheless, he seems to be able to handle pressure efficiently, as he won twice on penalty kicks.

Henrik Rasmussen (Denmark)


Henrik only won against the newcomers Oliver and Astrid. His best result was a draw against Michael Mucke.

Thomas Niekamp (Germany)


Thomas had a couple of good results (draws against Haydn and Wayne) which prove that he has potential. He needs to learn a few standard goals.

Darren Gurney (England)


One of the players who was expected to show considerable improvement but failed, Darren lost several games by one goal.

John Rees (England)


Facing the terrible fate of being the first KOAer to lose to a girl, John was happy to end both matches against Astrid with a draw.

Astrid Bouten (Holland)


Astrid broke several records in this world cup. She was the first girl who ever scored, the first who ever gained a point and she is now considered by experts to be the best female player on the planet.

Oliver Verver (Holland)


A newbie who only started playing a couple of weeks before the world cup, Oliver could not expect much from his first appereance but he took his defeats like a man.

Saskia Bouten (Holland)


Saskia, on the other hand, did not take her defeats like a man, because she is a woman. The Game of Shame between her and Oliver was a rare source of entertainment and the whole KOA loves them for that.

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